The dynamic Java/Open Source brought together Web 2.0, SOA, Rich Internet Application and interoperability with handheld and other devices. The platform has revolutionized several domains.
Whatever we built starting from e-commerce websites, enterprise web applications or a responsive payment portal, Java is the technology which always provides flexibility, scalability, and reliability.

What we Offer?

We provide Java and Open Source offerings that help you to stay updated with the changing technology landscape. We work together in providing solutions that are rich in feature and scalable.  Wa strive to drive business value while creating new business opportunities.
Qtonomy has developed Application Development methodologies using proven Java frameworks such as Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JSF and Oracle ADF. Our Java Development methodologies are based on the principles of Layered Architecture, Modular Application Development, Componentization and SOA for promoting maintainability, interoperability and scalability.